The German Karen? Her name is Wiebke



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the Wiebke archetype perfectly explained

I had to send this one around to my friends, a very accurate depiction of the Nörglerprototype Alman woman.

Hos 321 days ago

That’s not a Karen!!

Amy Cooper is a Karen. A privileged middle aged woman with plenty of white privilege who doesn’t shy away from putting people of colour or working class people down in order to advance her own agenda.

Ausländer 326 days ago

I know men

"I know how lazy they can be."
Pseudo feminist tabloid garbage. 🤮

Kevin 337 days ago

"pseudo-feminism"? not really

I'm not sure what is feminist about slagging off men....women have been doing it for centuries, maybe millennia, before feminism was a thing. Why don't you use some other buzzwords too "Its PC gone MAAAD!" I thought it was pretty funny - & speaking as a man and a father.

Ciarán 331 days ago


G'wan outta dat Ciarán, you'll do nuthin!

Pers 322 days ago

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