Konrad Werner: Merkel's anti-Nazi plan – encourage then condemn



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the real problem

my homeland was bombed to fuck - by nazis
but that was a long time ago, and we've all learnt that hatred doesn't solve the worlds problems - right?

there is enough money and resources on this planet for everyone to live a reasonably comfortable life.
the real problem is most of the money and resources are in the hands of a small group of insanely wealthy people.
it's not immigrants that are destroying this country (planet), it's greed and selfishness.
if corporations like Amazon paid more than 1% tax (I, a tax payer in Germany, pay 19%) there would be enough money to house, educate, and feed the immigrants fleeing wars (wars that are happening NOW, not 70 years ago) and buy nazis all the New Balance sneakers and Lonsdale shirts they will ever need. With some cash left over to buy them an education that they REALLY need.

The poor are not your enemy - the rich are. Go burn down some billion dollar mansions you shaven headed f*ck-tards. Let's see how much of a fight the Police put up then!!!

Theo Van Schopes more than 5 years ago


The media spin is absurd.As an immigrant who isnt poor there is bleep all plan for us.
Maybe the locals are worried there getting another one of Berlins problems.
The biggest issue here is yuppies kicking the immigrants out wont see that in the media.
"it doesnt sell papers".

joe bentley more than 5 years ago

check your privilege

Was your homeland bombed out?

dijt more than 5 years ago

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