Mossy Brackets: Dries through the Grindr



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the only moron here is you

"he should be thrown in jail" seriously?? oh and by your logic, do people who commit crimes or are sentenced to jail not deserve people feeling sorry for them or any empathy from the community? what a deluded moralistic idiot you must be

tom c more than 7 years ago

You forgot to mention what actually happened

You trivialise what you don't report at all, I can only hope out of ignorance rather than an absurd level of insensitivity. Verhoeven actually broadcasted on a large screen across a high-traffic pedestrian zone sexual conversations and pictures of people he lured via Grindr. It's even worse than that shitshow To Catch A Predator (which at least deals with something reprehensible and highly illegal), but regrettably, very similar. Verhoeven should be thrown in jail. And you feel sorry for him? OTT? What a complete moron you must be.

Erin more than 7 years ago

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