Mossy Brackets: Dating the mentally ill



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Not sure...

...if you're missing the point or sneakily trying to redefine mental illness, but, and excuse my French here, what the f**k? This article just left me disturbed and a bit sad as well...while I don't like the term 'normal' outside of statistics, your description of 'mental illness' has got nothing to do with people actually living with it. You talk about screwing artists, which, you know, is fair enough, and who knows, there might even be a number of bipolar people among your conquests. But why not call it that, why not say "Dating bipolar-ish artisty types"? I don't want to come across as moralising, which is why I've avoided the word 'offensive' so far, but as someone living with mental illness I can't help but feeling massively misrepresented and like an animal in your private zoo.

Sandra more than 7 years ago

dating in berlin

ahhh, so true so true, brilliant writing...but seriously, whaddaya expect if you go okc? It's a great platform and the guys usually do what they say on the label, (all kinks included), so if that's not your cuppa, maybe you should try friendscout or really go all out with or something. Just sayin.
Having said that, I have had tons of fun adventures courtesy of okc. It's just the wrong place to go lookin for true love. ; ))

britbitchberlin more than 7 years ago


.. you know, you could just leave your little hipster bubble and try talking to the 3 million normal people living in Berlin.

Berliner more than 7 years ago


so true. so good. laughing at this comment. brilliant.

agreed. more than 7 years ago

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