Mossy Brackets: Leave the hipsters alone



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False premise

Nice article, but, it's a false premise - hipsters aren't well dressed they just think they are. They are to be pitied, not attacked.

HD more than 6 years ago

Do they?

Do the hipsters really have radical ideas, do they generate movements? I wish they'd do...

SalomeM more than 6 years ago


How about a mention/analysis of William S. Burroughs and his look?

Pre-, yet an original hipster.

marsha mccreadie more than 6 years ago


Grumpy germans get plenty if sex, thankyou

hans-Thorsten more than 6 years ago

Hipster Fashion is pretty right-wing.

Hair long on top, short on the side and Nordic white power beards.

Rune Man more than 6 years ago

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