Mossy Brackets: Leave the hipsters alone



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Hipsters are just talentless, lazy pieces of shit that can't stand people who do work and are talented, and that is most people now, or in general, most people are untalented, you just have a group of cunts that have gotten together "hey man are you a useless waste of space too?" "Yeah manggg" " cool now let's connect on that level and infact let our brains overprotect ourselves from the fact we are useless by letting it constantly tell us that not only are we not the worst people on the planet but the BEST people on the planet" and that is how the hipster fuck tard mind works

Kyle more than 1 year ago

False premise

Nice article, but, it's a false premise - hipsters aren't well dressed they just think they are. They are to be pitied, not attacked.

HD more than 7 years ago

Do they?

Do the hipsters really have radical ideas, do they generate movements? I wish they'd do...

SalomeM more than 7 years ago


How about a mention/analysis of William S. Burroughs and his look?

Pre-, yet an original hipster.

marsha mccreadie more than 7 years ago


Grumpy germans get plenty if sex, thankyou

hans-Thorsten more than 7 years ago

Hipster Fashion is pretty right-wing.

Hair long on top, short on the side and Nordic white power beards.

Rune Man more than 7 years ago

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