Mossy Brackets: The Mossy Prophecy




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ha maybe she is stupid but how else is a blog about sex in berlin going to sound like?

ada more than 7 years ago

go girl!

This column is so relentlessly immensely amateurish I can only imagine that 'mossy' is an advertiser's daughter you've been forced to employ to have the euros rolling in.

There's a commonly held belief that berlin is stronghold of the useless and the untalented. This column will be cited in years to come as primary evidence. The stupidity of it is phenomenal.

Pulitzer Prize more than 7 years ago


There's a commonly held belief that the useless and untalented can't relinquish one of their sour grapes when one of their ilk does something well.

" 'mossy' " writes a comedy blog; she says so, and quite plainly. Why do people have to take things so seriously?

Fanny more than 7 years ago

yeah well

Look at it this way: I'll happily take this over Amok Mama. Compared to Amok's pointless and poorly written inanity, this is pure gold.

ich bin feindlich und böse more than 7 years ago

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