Jacob Sweetman: Märchen all over the world




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Eisern Union: Nina Hagen!


Zep more than 11 years ago

World Cup

Great article. When can we start the campaign for the exberliner to send you to the world cup then?

princePoldi more than 11 years ago


@ Änne

Peitz was very good, and Ive actually had a problem with him, or at least the way Union play with him, recently. With him and Mouhani there is no pace and pretty much bugger all going forward. That leaves too much pressure on getting the ball out wide which, in the absense of brunneman and parensens crossing ability going missing has not been effective enough. This is also, i think part of the reason for mosquera doing bugger all at times.

Cheers for the comments though everyone,

sweetman more than 11 years ago


great article !

and never forget "Eisern Union" :)

mandy more than 11 years ago


and never forget eisern union

poppi berlin more than 11 years ago

worth reading

very good article, it's a worth reading. thanks a lot!

zsdr more than 11 years ago

Peitz & Co.

Don't forget that Peitz played an amazing game - seemed to be the only one with an answer to Cottbus's attack, but unfortunately, he was alone until Brunnemann came in. The Mosquera-Ede switch toward the end was ridiculous (and I usually like Neuhaus' decisions in that regard) - one loser for another ... But one more win and we're through, and on to the next season!

Änne Troester more than 11 years ago

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