John Riceburg: Murdered for not speaking German?



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This article is not only poorly researched (and therefore inaccurate), but is dangerously apologetic of a murder which need not be excused. This is typical English expat self-hate... what grounds to you have to link the presence of foreigners and gentrification together, other than blind assumption? A beer at Del Rex would set you back 2€... a whopping 10 cents more than what it cost 10 years ago at the same location. Fact check before espousing yellow press nonsense... Luke Holland was an Oxford graduate lawyer, not a DJ - not that night at Del Rex, nor anywhere else, ever.

Lu more than 5 years ago


"One reason I left sunny Texas for the permanent grey of Berlin was that I'm a very abrasive person. Sometimes I feel like insulting strangers on the street. And it's reassuring to know that these strangers don't have guns. So I don't know what to think of this crime right around the corner. I think I'll keep insulting people – but I'll do it in German."

WTF, as Americans like to say? Seems like Ralf Z is not the only one with mental health issues.

Emboi more than 5 years ago

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