John Riceburg: My two cents on the prostitution debate



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Not bad

"With these measures in place, no-one would have to sell their bodies"

And the industry would then only be populated by women (and men) who genuinely choose sex work because they enjoy certain aspects of it - these people are considerably common, despite what non-workers might say about the job being unpalatable.

Roxy more than 6 years ago

Brilliant blog yeah

I knew a girl who cleaned at Park Inn for three euros a room. If traditionally feminine jobs were paid decently, jobs like carer, cleaner etc, then sex-work would really be a choice. So we should work towards a living wage for traditional feminine jobs and then see what happens yeah. I don't think banning it is the answer though fuck, I wouldn't like to do the job myself....I often wonder if that is coz it is so terrible or just a bit of stigma/snobbery mixed in though?

PS: Do a blog on Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen or have you already?

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

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