A new station name won’t end racism, but it’s better than nothing



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excuse me?

The author writes:
“The last name change was in 1991, the day of German reunification.”

facts matter 92 days ago

Poor text/ research quality

Yes, this term is very racist in the 21th Century and I do not mind when it is changed. But the name of this street dates back to the 17th and, as far as I know, the origin of this name is not clear. One version is it was to remember the visit of an African Delegation (from a Colony). But Mohr is also a German last name, which origin also is not defenitely known (but there are various Germanic origins possible) and most German streets are named after a person.


Artaud 109 days ago


Your writing is so weak. Don't make it your job, please.

Bada Bing more than 1 year ago

Way Off The Mark

Moors (so called blacks) are reputed to be the indigenous Germans and the indigenous Vikings and Celts as well. This is where we get the term “Black Irish”. Small black people of the Rhein and Mainz were also well documented in German folklore and connected with the treasures of the earth and regarded as the original people. More well known that this is the occupation of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal/) by the moors for 700 years until 1492 when Isabella and Ferdinand finally drove them out. The reason why the Dark Ages are known as such is because the Moors ruled over Much Europe at that time and were dark skinned. Sure the so called “white” Europeans at that time were living in squalor, but essentially the Moors were the civilizers/colonizers at the time and the so called white europeans were serfs, servants and concubines of the Moors.

Obviously There is a big piece of history being erased here. The way the Germans of today act in this country, you would think that they are actually native
To this land, which they are not! They are Huns for the most part as Churchill rightly declared! 😂

Give the Moors back their land! They were erased from history as though they never existed and replaced by invaders. This street renaming is symbolic of the white washing of German history.

Cringeworthy Germany more than 1 year ago

who is native?

What standard of nativity do you think is appropriate, “Cringeworthy Germany”? If Germans aren’t native to Germany, what group is native where?

TGC 92 days ago

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