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Jesse, thanks for writing "fustigate". No one ever says that. No, Hipster Hitler wasn't at the demo, as far as I am aware. Too busy buying vintage bike parts on ebay. But one member of our staff was! Not me, sadly. That's why I wrote this, out of pure guilt.

Seymour more than 10 years ago

Was Hipster Hitler there? I didn't see him.

Good one, Herr Gris! Why don't you give us more articles like this one? Less crap about the Neukölln party scene and its narrow-minded crowds of expat artists and egomaniac musicians. Yeah, as you said, there are 'normal' people who live in this city (I guess that being a 30-plus, bilingual German-speaking bi-national, full-time employed, voting citizen, I qualify as ‘normal’ – or maybe not among your readers?). And guess what? We do care about a few more critical things than the exact geographic coordinates of the hippest underground hangout of the fortnight, just so that a bunch of social-network-processed YUKIS (as you call them) can ‘experience’ Berlin’s True Grit in Technicolor 3D , and make real-life encounters (hey, sometimes facebook feels a bit... ‘virtual’?) with compatible 'friends’, while an even more despicable gang of pseudo-natives and scornful import- bar owners poke fun at their i-phone/ Apple gear and fustigate their neo-colonial habits and loud English voices (while cashing in on their drunken habits!). By the way, how many über-cool-looking, progressive-thinking, vegetarian hipsters were at the anti-nuclear Demo? Was Hipster Hitler there? I didn’t see him.
Were you there??

Jesse more than 10 years ago


Thanks for posting the informative article and helpful link! I'll certainly take the necessary steps to switch from Vattenfall in the coming days. Well researched, thanks again!

Nik more than 10 years ago

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