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Cilla and Our Graham

Oi Victor. Everyone knows that Cilla Black and Our Graham With His Quick Reminder invented Blind Date one lonely Sunday afternoon in the early 80s in the suburbs of Liverpool. They were a bit bored. So shut up.

Amok more than 11 years ago

we invented blind date

It's a bipartisan ad as well, appealing to both Mystery Science Theater 3000 Republicans and Mystery Science Theater 3000 Democrats. (Though most B-movie fans tend to be non-affiliated, because they're waiting for ads like this to guide them.)

Victor's Kind of Woman more than 11 years ago

Our Graham

Re: Stolen Joke: You fucked it up by not mentioning Our Graham and his quick reminder, I think.
Re: Sheep in wolf's clothing. They could've made a better outfit for the sheep in wolf's clothing. You could see his sensible office shoes!

Amok-Mama more than 11 years ago

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