Playground etiquette: Advice for newbies



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Disappointed but not surprised by the American jerk parents

Haha this article was golden! And I don't even have kids. Too bad even American parents in Berlin are total bints. (I don't have kids but I'm an American so I know what they're like as parents everywhere else.)

yesyes more than 1 year ago

That one dad

Please flirt with me. I am always that one dad. And I have munchies instead of carrots. But, seriously... I get weird looks for being at the playground and that is not paranoia. And I get asked where the mum is. And it's 2020 in Berlin where everyone is soooo cooooool and a feminist... just not the mums at the playground. And yes, I also work 40hrs. Just a bit flexible (means: When she fell asleep, I get up again to do some hours). But it's worth it. Maybe I meet you one day and we can hate on things.

ThatOneDad more than 1 year ago

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