Playgrounds over health?



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why should it kill you?

when other people heartlessly socialize at playgrounds why should that put you in danger? because since you are of aware of the imminent dangers of socializing you would of course never even think of going to such dangerous places these days. you should be safe, then.

alexander more than 1 year ago

So true

Great article. Good job! I agree with you 100%

Gata more than 1 year ago


Thank you! This is making me crazy. Well this, and the folks cheek-to-jowl enjoying the nice weather at cafes. What's the point of the rest of us all sensibly self-distancing if these people are going to be disease vectoring away??

yeah more than 1 year ago

Agree with you 100%

There's a massive lack of empathy (and often malice) that I've felt in Berlin ever since moving here years ago, and this is now coming out in a really dangerous way. "You can't take away my freedom!!" they scream, as they let their children mingle with everyone and then bring the virus home to the grandparents. And yup, totally agree - people here on average tend to be pretty cold and unfriendly, until there's a pandemic that dictates we should be isolating ourselves to protect vulnerable people. Then it's a rush to meet up and have coronaparties!

Helena F. more than 1 year ago

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