The "dos and don'ts" of refugee reporting




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thank god everyone has refugees to save

When i hear these middle/upper class brats it makes me think of Roman culture i could imagine the thumbs up and "let them live line".
When youre experience of life poverty, real work, homeless or pretty much anything is zero you CAN BE MIGHTY.

Joe Bentley more than 5 years ago

exberliner refugees

I would also ask how can any refugees be ''blessed' as you write?

alas your writers simply don't have the skill or talent to address such important topics in a sensitive way.

And having read the editorial ''response'' again, I can only say that it is shockingly puerile and outright disrespectful, a very nasty piece of work.

MatthiasMueller more than 5 years ago

exberliner terminology

for a while now, I have been concerned by the amateur reporting/writing that is masquerading as journalism at the Exberliner. However misguided or not the initial complaint - it's up to the independent reader to decide, after all - the ''editorial'' response here is malicious, undeserved and thoroughly unprofessional.

The Exberliner seems unable to decide whether it's a ragmag-ironic read for expat know-it-alls or a paper worthy of covering such an important city during such turbulent times. If I was reading this rag for the first time, I would certainly feel that it was a posh-kid right-of-centre hopeless attempt at serious reportage.

maybe better to stick to your music and food ''articles''?

MatthiasMueller more than 5 years ago

A response to the response to the response...

First of all you should have contacted me before you decided to publish this letter, secondly I should have been made aware that my 'letter to the editor' would have a response from the editor which was basically a personal attack. 'Do-gooder fundamentalism' and a picture of the tour with 'censored' in big letters over it? I never said that ExBerliner couldn't write about the tours, in what way was I censoring it? This is sensationalism and exactly why I felt the need to write the letter in the first place.

I would implore you to read some other publications and see if this is the kind of thing that you see in a 'letter to the editor', if you would see the editor calling the writer a silly, dogmatic control-freak. That just doesn't happen in the world of professional journalism. If Nadja had wanted to say something about her nom de plume then she is completely within her rights but the rest is just unnecessary. In fact if I had been made aware of that before, I may have felt a little less perturbed by the article itself.

Very poor journalism from start to finish. I at least sent you this letter before publishing it so that you could decide what to do with it, which is exactly what you should have done before publishing it in this way.

Lorna more than 5 years ago

Not cool guys

Did you guys really need to jump in again with a long rant? If you needed to clarify something left unclear that would make sense, but name-calling and one-upmanship is very unprofessional.

Vanessa Ellingham more than 5 years ago

Shakespeare nailed it

Methinks Refugees Voices protests too much. By world standards Germany is outdoing the often churlish attitudes of most other countries to the crisis and ExBerliner is also holding up its end.

If you really want to see refugee vilification, turn your attention to the Murdoch media.

Richard Ure more than 5 years ago

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