John Riceburg: Police violence is becoming surreal



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Came for beatings, found none.

Your way of reporting the facts is surreal, I can't see beatings or excessive us of force.
I see a guy that tries to resist the arrest, and the (strong) reaction of the officers involved.
We can argue if there was another way to take him into custody, but that is just what you get if you resist an arrest.

Deku more than 7 years ago

Second video

To all the heartless obedient smartasses who feel so sorry for the poor German police just doing it's job and who really cleverly point out that the video is cut and it in fact would not show so much violence: here's a second, uncut video:

Pay special attention to the kidney punches at the person that is already grounded firmly at around 1:20.

Moritz Reiter more than 7 years ago

Anything is allowed if german law and order is under attack

The taz is saying about it: it is good and correct if the officers are doing ANYTHING necessary to prevent him from fleeing ("ist daher gut und richtig, dass die Beamten alles machen, was notwendig ist, um eine Flucht zu verhindern.")!142047

Zara more than 7 years ago

Distorted reporting?

I dont think any reasonable and objective person having watched the video would say this
is an accurate representation of what actually happened: "Then they beat him mercilessly"
and ..."the beatings continue for several minutes".

You may disagree whether or not the man should have been arrested but after that point it is clear
the police in the video are trying to restrain a man who is resisting arrest.

And this kind of reporting (not to mention the behaviour of a small minority) will do nothing to help relations between the police and the expat / immigrant community. The vast majority of whom I would suggest are law abiding,pro immigration, and sympathetic to the plight of refugees.

Indeed most people on the Berlin Expats facebook group seem to agree that the police are doing a good job in what are often difficult circumstances.

Stephen Mark Crouch more than 7 years ago

Doubt it

I live at Marianneplatz in Berlin since 1981. Every couple of years there is such a video, the leading up missing, showing apparently violence of policemen against a "harmless" Individual - believe me, I have seen so much violence against policemen, including molotow cocktails setting people on fire, paving slabs thrown off the roofs, paving stone "hailstorms" on policemen I am astonished that they never used their guns to save their lives. In my experience you don't get beaten up without a reason.

Bendolino more than 7 years ago

watching that video is so distressing

I'm not sure if they beat him mercilessly but they definitely do go too far in my opinion.

Feel like this being videoed and put up on YouTube thing might end up being good for the cops though. A few years ago we would never ever have found out about this. It's just like with the racist videos, though I find them more problematic tbh

Jacinta Nandi more than 7 years ago

Injured Policemen

Fact is that when a police officer hits you he/she will immediately claim that they hurt their hand doing so and fail a complaint against you. Btw. that's how a strong increase in brutality against police officers is indicated in statistics and where the surreal element ones again kicks in ;)

Just a peaceful guy more than 7 years ago

to be fair

...we don't know what happened leading up to this and the video has also been edited. Obviously the person making the video either edited the inciting actions out or started shooting when s/he thought something was about to go down. My assumption is that clown nose guy was harassing the cops in some way, and everyone knows that only leads to trouble. What we see is without a doubt brutal, but there may be crucial details missing.

Putting that aside, for me the most worrying part of this video is something I have not heard anyone discuss and that is: why and how do 50 riot cops arrive within 5 minutes to a minor disturbance?

Johnny Questions more than 7 years ago


There have been loads and loads of police on Ohlauerstrasße for days because of the demonstrations re immigrants - thats probably why they were there so quickly. and nothing excuses that behaviour - the police are supposed to know and behave better than that as it is their job.

sarah more than 7 years ago

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