Seymour Gris: "Pubic hair is so out!"



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Dear Sergio,

congratulations on your natural lack of hair. You will achieve everything you desire in this world. And save lots of money on razors and wax.
As far as the trains go, they can should be voluntary, for those few still hairy among us who wish to start a new life as a community.

Seymour more than 9 years ago

kinky pricks

I was not clear (and just before they get thoughts), I meant to send the unnatural hairless, for I was a bit more positive assuming they aren´t the majority; if you´re correct then they should be put in trains. It´s not about getting rid of people, just make a point so they get real (I think that is what Sarkozy had in mind).
By hairless I meant me, there is nothing I can do about it and sometimes I even get embarrassed, then I was told it´s the evolution. So I guess is part of my effortless sophistication.

Sérgio more than 9 years ago


Your not a loon! What about all those German dudes who pluck their eyebrows? Mental patients I tell you. That's way worse than shaving the nuts! Please stop the "Manscaping" now.

Larry more than 9 years ago


Like your theme park idea. Confusion on one point: do we send the hairless or the hairy? The hairless are the frigging MAJORITY here. If anyone goes fascist-mental, it will be you people. So, you're all safe, Sergio.

I still think its disgusting and stupid to shave your balls.

Seymour more than 10 years ago

kinky pricks

I say we put them in buses or wagons and send them to concentratio.. theme parks in siberia so they get the point. With no further regards.
Hairless genetically superior arab jew gipsy Sergio

Sérgio more than 10 years ago

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