Red Flag: Tear down the City Palace, again!



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Communists reap what they sow

Another illustration of the hypocrisy of communists: "We can destroy things we don't like, but if you do the same you're an awful, awful person and we'll call you names."

Remember, the communist government blew up the damaged castle over strenuous objections from the citizens of Berlin. A beloved historical building which could have been repaired, but no: Bulldoze away in the name of ideology and replace it with an already dated, brutalist "lamp shop."

The ideology failed badly, creating prisoners of its people, torturing and murdering them if they dared to leave. But they were doing it for the greater good, so we should put them on a pedestal and cherish their symbolism even today?

Yeah, sorry, no. The DDR was an undeniable big Fail and will always be remembered that way. Todays crazed, unemployed thirty-somethings with red stars in their eyes may be amusing, but they seem to have missed the memo: sanctioned government theft always implodes, no matter how well intentioned. Next.

Sparx Foster 256 days ago


did you read the article? have you ever been to the palast der republik? or do you just like to throw mud from far away? "beloved historical building" - rofl. a symbol, a heart of prussian militarism it was. do you know how many damaged castles/palaces where or should be "bulldozed away" in the western part of germany after WWII? you would be suprised!

hannes baum 187 days ago

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