Red Flag: Why doesn’t the CDU go after the real criminal clans?



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the thing is:
the sons and cousins of deutsche bank CEOs normally don't fuck you up in the berlin s-bahn, steal your real stuff and make you feel uncomfortable when walking the streets at night (and day).
the CEOs of rival banks also normally dont have shoot-outs on the open streets.

white collar crime is one thing, kettenduldung another ... and there is a difference between having no money and stealing stuff from corporations like Lidl or Bauhaus and having no money and bullying regular people. which often happens enough.

frederic 349 days ago

Very good!

Thanks for pointing out these topics about what they want you to focus on instead of on their own weaknesses and mediocrity. Neukölln is way safer than any big US city. At least, even in Neukölln, the country here is still not as fucked up as the US. But we need to be active to save that reality for the future.

sofia more than 1 year ago

Thank you!

Both alarming and informative. Thanks--also for the explanation of the "Kettenduldung" cycle, that was very illuminating and exactly the sort of "broader context for expats to understand the local scenario" that I appreciate from ExBerliner <3

Rina more than 1 year ago

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