Red Flag: Germany lets far-right terrorism flourish



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less nonsense please

"Cops are there to enforce a hierarchical, racist, and sexist social order, protecting the massive inequality of our current system. It's no wonder that they are attracted to ideologies that justify such hierarchies."

You lost me at such a wild statement. I would be interested to know why there are more right extremist views in the military and the police on average than in the population at large. Yet your run-of-the-mill far-left explanation just shows how superficial the other side of the spectrum sometimes is. Also, "hierarchical" is not necessarily bad and quite misleading to put it in the same sentence with "racist" and "sexist", which again are quite wild to apply to whole institutions without any proof whatsoever. Hierarchy exists in everything from the elaborate political system we have to the hip startups that dot this city.

Fa 10 days ago

Deutsche Justiz

Ihr Herz schlägt rechts. thanks for this article, despite some minor editorial flaws.

cheerio 14 days ago

"immigrant backgrounds"

Is this a Google translation of a commentary written in German? No credible English-language writer would use the term "immigrant background". It's a term used to avoid talking about race (a concept that Germany as a whole denies – it doesn't even track race in its national census!), but ironically, it's a racist term. A German citizen whose native language is German and doesn't speak Turkish but whose grandparents were born in Turkey has, in the eyes of Germans, a "Migrationshintergrund", but a White American who moved to Berlin a few years ago does not. Get it? Racism. A shooter doesn't check someone's passport and family tree before he pulls the trigger on his victims. The term you are looking for is "people of colour". Please educate yourself. Communism will never succeed without intersectional awareness.

Jax 14 days ago


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asdasd 16 days ago

Halle, not Kassel

Lübcke was killed in Kassel; the attempted attack on the synagogue in 2019 was in Halle.

Sapouti 16 days ago

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