Red Flag: My landlord is suing me



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eric 138 days ago

What is acceptable?

I'm curious to know the author's opinion on what is acceptable in terms of raising rents. For example, in his view, is it acceptable to raise rents to track against inflation as measured by some consumer basket? Given that Berlin has perhaps the lowest rent-to-cost ratio for apartments in the western world, would it be reasonable for rents to be raised until they are equal to similarly sized cities (in proportion to what the apartment costs to buy I mean)? No agenda here, just curious.

Curious 233 days ago

rentier capitalism itself is unacceptable

Almost every major city in the west has been culturally ruined by greedy landlords, who take huge amounts of money out of the local economy while offering literally nothing; so trying to get Berlin in to line with them is exactly the opposite of what should happen. Berlin should do everything it possibly can to make life as miserable as possible for landlords; and other cities should have large-scale rent strikes to get rents back down.

In fact, I'm not really sure why rent strikes aren't more common. In a city where 85% of people rent I would have thought that reducing rent would be as simple as getting everyone to just stop paying.

David 231 days ago

Literally nothing...? 🙄

What do you mean by that? They actually built those apartments. Or paid for building. Or bought from those who built or paid for building.
What would be an alternative to the Rentier capitalism? Government construction monopoly, right? And we will have the same situation with housing like we have with vaccinations now 😂

Dmitry 228 days ago

A Landlord Agrees

I own eight rental units, some of them for more than ten years. I pay a mortgage, maintenance, building fee, pay into a fund for periods of partial or no occupancy, and take a (very healthy) profit, which I invest for retirement. I determined what rent was required to fill all those envelopes, and have never raised a rent. I have also not had an empty, or even partially empty, unit in over five years, while neighboring units, renting for more, are quite often unoccupied.
I have to agree with the article. Greed is going to consume someone, but no one knows who until it gets really hungey.

Mark Russell 233 days ago


So judges are not capable of applying the law professionally, the system was built by nazis as you say... only the mob (juries) can accurately apply the law.. makes sense.........

That's why the american legal system is so perfect, as long as you are part of the hegemony and not POC.

Sorry but this article is full of shit. Risking democracy by letting mobs override the constitution is a dangerous path. Idealism and political causes are fine, but the hegemony can change - so that's not a reason to change the rules. After all, you don't want the nazis to have to rebuild the court system again :P

Also, if the constitutional court decides that the cap isn't constitutional, do you really think it will allow private companies being expropriated? Are you that delusional?

I-work-for-living 233 days ago


ok boomer

RR 233 days ago

the boot...

...wasnt going to lick itself.

fg 233 days ago

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