Red Flag: A lefty guide to the German elections



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Problem with perfectionism

This is all well and good, however, the problem is that no party that works and breathes power will ever stay clean. So, to say 'clean', you need to not be in power. And also, a belief that you would personally never do any of these things. All of these other people, they are corrupt, but not you!

"I would have run the USSR the right way, not like that Stalin guy". And of course, when you get the chance, and you turn into one of those you have complained about, some other person will claim more perfection and purity than you. The horror! That can't be! YOU are the one who is clean. How can they be cleaner, unpossible!

Do your best today to bring in the most ethical and least-greedy politicians, regardless of label. Correct label but biggest arsehole? I'll take the incorrect label.

Eric 62 days ago

Hot air.

"Don't vote for anyone.": Thanks for the help, dude.

Horbert 64 days ago

No worthy party?

What about SGP? I’m new to DE politics(recent transplant from Seattle) and Wahl-o-mat aligned my views nicely with the SGP. Do they deserve serious consideration?

David 63 days ago

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