Red Flag: Goodbye to Berlin's last left-wing historian



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When It Comes To The Left and The Right, One Hand Washes The Other

Is there really a difference between the far right and the far left? Stalin killed millions with a far left regime, so did The Germans with far right regimes, although the Germans were more prolific in their savagery since they committed 2 genocides which killed millions on two different continents!

If anything, I imagine that the Nazis may be more efficient than the commies.

There is no difference between an Antifa and a Nazi, as both wish to impose their will on others and will kill, restrict, marginalize and terrorize all who oppose them. Let them kill each other for all I’m concerned.

Both left and right are controlled and staffed at the highest levels by international intelligence agencies. In the utopia of the left we are all collective, commie drones, and in the utopia of the right we would be Nazi drones ideally (aside from the “useless eaters” who would be culled, of course).

What’s the difference between the left and right when ultimately other end of the spectrum means loss of individual identity at the cost of group-think and programming?

Cringeworthy Germany 78 days ago

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