John Riceburg: The end of O-platz



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Poor Little Rich Germany ...

We have insufficient support for refugees. People need help, food, clothing, valid documents, medical care, they need security. But what they get here? You end up in a forest of paragraphs, they experience grave struggles for the simplest things. Violence and fear rather than safety ...

Through the mobilization against the poorest of the government shows its true face.
Poor Little Rich Germany ...

Tea Rex more than 6 years ago

Please clarify

"It's police torture," the refugee Amir told a reporter from his branch. Napuli, whom I interviewed for the March issue of Exberliner, said "They're treating us like slaves."

How is he being treating like a slave? What's the evidence? I read (in Taz) that many refugees were glad to be living indoors in clean beds now. Sometimes I feel leftist activists care more about their own agenda than the actual refugees. The protest on O-Platz was ineffective anyway - and would never convince the German government to rethink its policy. Better to house these people indoors than to continue to give them hope that they would all get visas if they stuck it out on Oplatz.

Seymour more than 6 years ago

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