Jacob Sweetman: Return of the Mac



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hard to say

I've since seen all the photos and videos of the tackle- which make it look horrendous- but i stilll thinnk that its hard to judge a millionth of a second decision like that without real time. watch Xavi's 1st goal for barca vs real, in real time its afluke or genius. In slow mo it is genius. Or a fluke. my heart goes out to mac, like it does to Concha too....
cheers for your comments, jake

sweetman more than 11 years ago

Your thoughts

Always a pleasur ereading your bits.

bunki (alias bunkinho) more than 11 years ago

Slightly ill

Just reading the article has reminded me of similar injuries involving Henrik Larsson & Luc Nilis..... awful, just awful to anyone, let alone a proffesional footballer.

Muller more than 11 years ago

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