Jacob Sweetman: The East will rise again



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That indeed is a pic of their old stadion before they moved minus the amazing floodlights to a shiny new stadion.

bfc fans aberdeen more than 10 years ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's a picture of the Carl Zeiss Jena stadium and NOT Dresden's ground. And, yes, they are the best floodlights in the world!

Jon more than 10 years ago


Seriously, there are few people in the world who need a visit to the hygiene museum more than the sportsdesk.

On another note the Dusseldorf stadium looked lovely filled with Eurovision. Much better than all that football malarky.

Ode to joy more than 10 years ago

the value of history

Your article's a good illustration of why people need to know history...how they came to be where they are and whose shoulders they stand on. All too easily forgotten in the media-led , money dominated English Leagues. Never forget history as struggle.

la Pasionaria more than 10 years ago

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