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State of Mind

No offence taken. Everything fine with me

Mathias Bunkus more than 11 years ago

state of mind

It was badly phrased, I mainly meant to touch on the psychological issue. Maybe it was a cheap shot on my part. no offence intended, apart from to kiraly's trousers.

sweetman more than 11 years ago

and now I ask myself

... which one of these sentences I´d like to have on the t-shirt (and give it to jan glinker for christmas):
"The 'keepers are the drummers, they have a thankless task, but without them everybody else is just pissing in the wind."
"Still, like Gabor Kiraly's trousers, some things never change. "

thanks, Jacob! steffi

steffi more than 11 years ago

Mental state of Mind

Knowing Jan personally for a long time I haven't got a clue why do think it tactless to discuss wether this three in row will effect him or not. He is that kind of a guy who thinks more than his simpler structured colleagues. No one even mentioned Enke but you. So who is the one who should be blamed for it? ;-)

Mathias Bunkus more than 11 years ago


Now he was a goalie. Tell jan when you see him we want scorpion kicks, and then he can make as many mistakes as he likes. Aother good piece as always.

Gerd more than 11 years ago

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