John Riceburg: Robbed by the landlady



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30 euros?

i just wasted one minute of my life reading this

Evan more than 4 years ago

Come off it man

30 euros? Do the exberliner pay you that badly that you need to make a song and dance about 30 euros? Look at it from the landlady's perspective - first, it's her flat, so she sets the prices and terms of rental, second, she doesn't know who you're letting move in and what you are charging them. Quit whining about bullshit - can you imagine a Londoner or New Yorker giving a shit about a poxy 30 euros? This is some beta nonsense.

Thelvin more than 4 years ago

You sound like a hypocrite

You are asking people to do things which you are not willing to do. And that's a shame because it's precisely not about the 30 Euros. And this is really not a big deal or much of a legal battle frankly. As you point out they will loose. So why don't you take your own medicine?

Joe Knoblauch more than 4 years ago

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