Ruth Schneider: The March for Life vs. FEMEN



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The flashing boobs make the whole event worthwhile! I will make it a point to join the next March. beats spending the nigh reading Henry Miller or watching Kubrick's Lolita.

globosapiens more than 6 years ago

To the commenters who create an equivalency between a woman's life and a clump of cells...

I hope you don't bathe and create microbe genocide.

Freewoman. more than 8 years ago


I would argue there is a difference between killing microbes and a human embryo, aka future human being.

Susan more than 8 years ago

Not performance art

Abortion is a serious issue and a grave ethical problem. Of course I support women's access to abortion, if she believes it is necessary, but we can't forget that it's a life for a life: the mother's and the unborn child's.
There should be a serious discussion among pro-lifers and pro-choice-people, and I think both would find they have many shared concerns, even if they disagree on the Fristenlösung.

The pro-choice marchers just give their group (and pro-choice) a bad name if they try to turn the whole thing into some sort of performance art by flashing their boobs. Or if they insult the pro-life people, or regard this as some sort of fun occasion for the whole family.

Susan more than 8 years ago


The problem is not Femen, but those who support this:
"But you can count on FEMEN's sextremists to turn a rather uneventful afternoon into a freak show – complete with a little police violence and a circus of photographers trying to capture an eye-full of young, energetic flesh. The girls made their Saturday demo assignment a hell of a lot more fun".

Vadim Kislov more than 8 years ago

The question

which the marchers are raising is whether the unborn child has any rights which should be balanced against womens' rights. Should women be allowed to end a life? Does society have a responsibility to promote the rights of those who can't yet speak for themselves? That's why they felt the call to march.

Andrew Smith more than 8 years ago

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