Seymour Gris: Sarrazin, put on your brown shirt



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i think all this hoo-ha points to another question..
is nazi-esque sentiment slowly creeping back into germany?
most tracksuit pant wearing folk in berlin are vain hipster white girls

in any case, track pants can be cute

Quoc more than 11 years ago


We should all simply boycott, boycott, boycott german cars, products at the verymminimum. This cretin or vermin SARRAZIN is a hard-caore nazi, no different in belief, temperament, character (lack of) and humanity than Josef Goebells, or other propaganda whores. If you are a non German, (the only country in the world where such rasist terms are used by the way is in Nazi Deutschland) then prepare yourself for war, civil war or aggressive behaviour. Arm yourslef with weapons, train militarily and challenge any aggressive Nazi who dares to insult your great non Nazi character. Half of all germans are rasist anyway. I´m under siege here in Nurnberg area by nazis. I´ve been attaqcked multiple times and they are not included in any official government statistic becuase thjis and previous governments is waging a war of ommission, war of eugenics, war of propaganda, war of verbal insult, waqr of rasism and other against non-aryians. Rise up citizens who are non nazi and beat back the vermin.

Angry and proud more than 11 years ago

of course

they would have sold Mein Kampf...they're in it for the MONEY nothing else. Just BOYCOTT HUGENDUBEL, people. Simple.

seymour more than 11 years ago

tracky bottoms

I also think he was a Class A cunt, actually make that he is a Class A cunt, but Berliners do wear a lot of tracksuits, man. I wrote to Hugeldubel about him, I said that it was a Beleidigung for all Neuköllners of foreign origin that they put his book up in one of those altar things, this is what they said:

Sehr geehrte Frau Nandi-Pietschmann,

vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail.
Ihre Bedenken bezüglich des Buches von Herrn Sarrazin, kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen.
Dieser Titel hat jedoch eine sehr große Medienpräsenz und wird in Auszügen gedruckt und diskutiert. Deswegen bin ich auch der Ansicht, dass sich
jeder eine Meinung über den kompletten Inhalt bilden sollte und nicht nur die Auszüge zu sehen bekommt.
Da der Titel stark nachgefragt wird, präsentieren wir ihn auf unserer Internetseite und auch in unseren Läden, geben aber keine wertende
Meinung dazu ab und bewerben ihn nicht aktiv.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Heike Hantel
H. Hugendubel GmbH & Co. KG
Service Center

They probably would've sold Mein Kampf in their shops too mind! I was gonna write back to her and say that but I didn't, in the end...what's the point, what's the POINT? God, I get depressed about this shit. God, I wish he'd die.

jacinta more than 11 years ago

he wasn't right about anything

if you ask me...

was hitler right about anything?

And to take the bull by the horns: yes there are lots of Ausländer in Germany, and yes lots of them are... poor... but it's not really the end of the world is it?

Heul doch weiter Thilo.

Gordon more than 11 years ago

tracky bottoms

He was right about the tracky bottoms though, wasn't he

Jacinta more than 11 years ago

You're right

It's not good to generalise about "the Germans". I haven't lived long term as a foreigner in any other country. The insider/outsider thing is perhaps genetic. Human goodness too. Often when I talk to the non-left subtle racists in a non pedantic way, they modify their views pretty quickly: I don't forget though.

Gordon more than 11 years ago


Yes, outside of hipster/left-wing enclaves, it does seem pretty acceptable among some social circles to talk about Arabs and Turks in thinly veiled racist terms, though I wouldn't want to generalise about "the Germans". The Dutch, the French, the Spanish, the Brits, the Danes, the Italians all have their nasty own takes on immigrantion...

Seymour Gris more than 11 years ago

Is it typical German?

Sorry, but the question has to be asked. After many years here I have become numb to the direct racism esp. against Turks (but not solely) that I hear so often. It tires me out to be honest. Don't these people learn about what German racists did 70 years ago? Please, Germans, bothers, sisters, make a stand against these fuckers (and I don't mean the skinheads).

Gordon more than 11 years ago

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