Seymour Gris: Earth to Merkel – wake up to the racism in Germany



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Very true

German society and mindset are of course, racist to the very core, but what surprises me the most is how Germans keep whining about how their country's Christian heritage is being eroded by the presence of millions of non Christian Turkish migrants, whose very presence the Germans detest in their country at a time when Berlin is the atheist capital of Europe.

Objectively speaking, what represents a bigger threat to Christian identity in Germany ? The presence of 2-3 percent Muslims or the fact that almost half of all Germans do not even believe in any God ?

SAS more than 8 years ago

Racism VS Mental people

As the subject suggests, I think most of the times the origin of those episodes is the high percentage of mental people living in Berlin. And yes, ok, you can say a racist person is in fact mental, but I mean "officially" mental, the kind of people that social services should take care of. These people run free & happily drunk in the Ubahn instead.
So in my opinion, before blaming racism, we should consider at least the percentage of the population affected by:
Serious mental health issues
Serious alcohol issues
Anyway, notice how the second one can easily turn into Hitler apology when experienced between 1 and 5 AM by a bunch of male guys that in their ordinary life are single, repressed and pathologically shy.
As a foreigner living in Berlin, I must say life here is not a problem. But I think for black people it's a lot tougher. The Germans are racists after all, like many other countries, the only difference is, because they're "The Germans" they're not allowed to say it.

BorderReader more than 8 years ago


Lol! Iknow also berliners who are in no way racist and themselves from mixed backgrounds ,.....they also have to put up with dumb remarks and racist comments from the the turkish and african people,I myself have also been insulted with "german whore ".Also when I interact with Brits I ma immedietly after put up with "all germans are nazis"and other such outdated cliches

ama more than 8 years ago


I think of course people from New York or London have a hard time identifying with the whole Berlinis cosmopolitan stuff, but when you got to places in hardcore Germany, East or West, then you get what they mean. I think all these Nordic cultures are a bit clumsier with intercultural stuff than Anglo-Saxons, what about that weird Swedish clitoral cake? I think it's something to do with the part of your brain that finds Dinner for one funny.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

Berlin is bullshit

Berlin: overrated, desecrated, well-marketed-thus-illuminated. A mediocre "cosmopolitan" city with a fascist aesthetic and a guilt complex paving over the racism and judgement that bubbles hot and lively. The only decent thing about Berlin is Tegel, which will disappear...and perhaps alongside it, the arrogance deluding the city's residents.

Chiquitita more than 9 years ago


Wulff was a really brave, meaningful president, I think he had integrity, like people used to say in Rosamond Lehmann novels. I mean, about things that mattered, not about cadging holidays obviously. Merkel and Gauck are just cowards, both of them, it's not like they're glad Germany's a racist country, they're just cowards, they're just meaningless.

Jacinta Nandi more than 9 years ago

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