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Developer madness

I agree with Seymour's general (and specific) views re the post Wende developments....most of the "exciting" architectural dream developments are in my humble citizen's opinion and unmitigatd disaster.
It's a real pity that the law is written such that the courts can overrule local democracy and give the go ahead to developments which are totally undesirable in the eyes of the people who live in a particular district. The developers are usually faceless corporations, only interested in making money at any social cost. I believe that matters will not improve until proper local democracy is restored (or indeed introduced!).

Brendan more than 6 years ago

Not that I necessarily disagree,

but would you mind elaborating on how Potsdamer Platz has "failed"?

just curious more than 6 years ago


Have you been to Potsdamer plz? It's a dump. The only thing of use there is the cinema, no Berliner would eat at any of the restaurants. It's a sterile wasteland, without any character, charm, or natives.

Daniel more than 6 years ago


Well of course I've been there, I just wanted to know why the author thought it was failed. But I guess it's a matter of considering what the planners' intentions were. I think they meant to turn it into a giant mall, and in that respect, they did not fail at all.

just curious more than 6 years ago


I think Potsdamer Platz is a failure because it's not really an integrated, inviting human-friendly neighbourhood. It's full of windswept channels and weird empty spots and design-flaws (like the fact that the Sony Center's roof lets in rain. To boot, it's an eyesore.

Seymour Gris more than 6 years ago


OK, so you're saying you think it was a design and planning failure from the beginning. I guess I was just hung up on the wording, since you said "now depressingly failed" which seemed to indicate that you thought something had changed.

Anyway, thanks for your response.

just curious more than 6 years ago

When I feel homesick I go to Potsdamer Platz

because it has so little atmosphere that you could literally be anywhere in the world and then I can pretend to myself I am at home in Essex (just about) and I find it kind of comforting, in an empty kind of way? I also really like Billy Wilders, isn't that a terrible thing to admit.

Jacinta Nandi more than 6 years ago

Potsdamer Platz

The new essex...that has a ring to it.

Maurice T Frank more than 6 years ago

yes yes, maybe they'll built one more pathetic so called fellini house there

like this one in mitte

reader in Pberg more than 6 years ago

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