Seymour Gris: France, Germany and the fear of starvation



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Spend the dirty cash

france's leftward swing will be funded by selling weapons to the third world and nuclear power to germany. just sayin.
on the other note: yey, i dont want my kid to do pr trips to evil deutsche bank either. and yes, fellow germans. open the portemonnaie a bit more for our neighbours. they will be ungrateful and condescending as ever, but it will feel better. or will it?

vroomfondel more than 9 years ago

Double Hartz IV payments

and the economy shall right itself.

Henri Penne more than 9 years ago

Credit Card Culture

thanks to sarkozy the french get to retire at 62. And the fact that they have a 35 hour work week is exactly one of the reasons why the french economy is in the pits.

TBH where is the harm in teaching kids to save - the whole reason why we are stuck in this global economic meltdown is because certain countries have a credit card culture where you spend more money than you earn. Its time the people realize that this is not a sustainable lifestyle.

Cosmonaut more than 9 years ago

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