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I like the ones

with a dad and his baby and he's texting and then that one with a kid attacking Wowi with a glove puppet and also the sexy Muslimas. Okay, I also agree that they're wanky and patronizing but still, I think it's a good tactic. My son keeps on trying to blackmail me into voting Green. "They love Tierschutz, Mum, and you want to be tierlieb, don't you, Mum. They love Natur. And Umweltschutz." He has even offered to pay me to vote for them, I told him it was illegal, though.

I think political ad campaigns are hard, you know? It's really hard to try to get people to want to vote for you without alienating those people who MIGHT at some point vote for you. But in general the ad campaign has been specially bad this time round. Half the time I look at the ads and think they actually wanna lose the election.

Jacinta more than 10 years ago

come on

"Berlin verstehen" is clever? Sorry but THAT is just the normal nonsence. "We're the good ones" would be more clever .. A real nice one is "Reinickendorf ist liebenswert" from CDU xD Love this one.

Jens more than 10 years ago


I think the SPD's "Berlin verstehen" ones are a bit wanky and patronizing but also actually quite clever. I like the one with the dad texting. I think they're quite good. The FDP's are especially BAAAAAD, come on, Jens, even if you're a FDP-voter, even if you're the Werbetexter who came up with that slogan, you have to admit, it's fairly crap.

Jacinta more than 10 years ago


poster campaigns only say "hey, we are also here this time"
Posters never decide the outcoming. The important part was that u not looked @posters from others. Dont see anythink smater there ..

Jens more than 10 years ago


Well, sir, I think it's rather interesting that one of Germany's most important political parties (former kingmakers of many a government) can spend 300,000 euro on such a rubbish poster campaign. No wonder they probably won't even get the 5% they need to get into parliament.

Seymour Gris more than 10 years ago


I think the einheitsliga one is especially stupid....a German guy i know thinks they actually want to lose

Jacinta more than 10 years ago


What crap are u writing?!? Would be enough if u just said "i dont like the FDP"

Nothing more interesting here ..

Jens more than 10 years ago

It would be nice

if one could get an edible croissant in Germany.

Gourmand more than 10 years ago


That's the problem with the FDP -- they're always only half a step from those other parties you mentioned. Lest we remember why a certain member had to commit hari kari via parachute? But then again, what have we learned lately: FDP politicians are only good at plagiarism. and gay marriage.

Drew Portnoy more than 10 years ago


I saw this one this morning. Made me feel a bit sick. Nice of them to make things nice and simple for the stupid idiots that only understand football.

Stephen more than 10 years ago

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