Seymour Gris: Killing off the Creative Class



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freelance tax

some professions have to pay already (teachers, midwives). It is expensive, and one reason I've never gone full time freelance. But it does maybe make sense to think about the long-tem...i.e. your pension?! There may well be an exemption for people who have made private arrangements, so if it does look like getting in that would be my tip: set up a private pension plan. Many take the risk and don't register as freelancers. If it comes out they want 4 years backpay though, so you'd better be putting something aside!

st more than 8 years ago

@ Alan Janssens

How the new pension contributions or "freelance tax" will work or exactly how it will be calculated is still up in the air. The government has only said it will be a mimimum 300-350 per month, regardless of your income level - if you make more than 400 euros per month!!! The law hasn't actually passed yet so let's hope they come up with a more fair and affordable solution for the "small" freelancer.

Seymour Gris more than 8 years ago

more info needed

If I make 250 euros freelance, I will be asked to pay 350 top up tax...this 'average' thing needs more explanation....what is the percentage on the freelance income?

Alan Janssens more than 8 years ago

It always the same

Goverment are criminals, 1% of the population are the wealthy ones who have ALL the power and they rule the other because we let them! They will keep going with there rules until the human race die out! Graham Hancock Knows all about that!!!!!!

Abz more than 8 years ago

killing the freelance

Well, yes, I couldn't help thinking about a "racist motivation" as well.
Anyway, the reform will hit also Germans...could it be that the Government just doesn't want small freelancers to exists?
With such a law, freelancers would be forced back in the employed work market.
They would supply "fresh meat" for any job, also in factories, hospitals, etc. and for very low incomes, since in Germany there is no limit yet, on how low a person can be payed for their job.
So the problem is for everybody who lives in Germany. Science fiction maybe, but maybe not...

Hard shell more than 8 years ago

Why does this headline single out the creative classes?

Germany is going all-freelance. Everyone, creative or not, is affected. Thing is, innovation in Germany is only done by foreigners, and CDU voters, most of whom will be dead by the end of the decade and therefore couldn't care less about innovation, would love to drive all the foreigners out. So: problem.

Busking Billy more than 8 years ago

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