Seymour Gris: Germany's Greek-envy




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Is this for real?

I don't think so tim.

Dude more than 8 years ago

At Patrica...

I find it funny how such unprofound people like you find gratification in leaving less than 10 words of empty critique on a blogger's comment board. But hey, whatever keeps haters like you signing on and reading...

Schnickel-D more than 9 years ago


No, Patricia - but he I'm sure he'd pay you for having read this if you'd left your account number with your comment.

Änne more than 9 years ago


I really enjoyed this defence! Buchholz's fuzzy thinking is quite mortifying. I know it appears in the Opinion section, but really NYT, step it up.

Johanna more than 9 years ago

cash at hand

seriously, someone paid you to write this?!?!!?!?

Patricia more than 9 years ago

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