Seymour Gris: The good news about this election



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lovely, isn't it

So the increased vote for the former SED and the election of an East German scholarship recipient (on the party list) is cause for rejoicing?

Andy Bryant more than 8 years ago


it's called democracy.

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

The news isn't that Cemile Giousouf is the first Muslim MP in the CDU.

It's that she's the first hipster! Have you seen her?

Pickle Gourmand more than 8 years ago

not in my hood

Greens situation is sad, although in parts of Kreutzberg they got upwards of 30% (go Strobbele!) And Spiegel, while ignoring black MPs, has a story about "ethnic politics" in their English version.

Meanwhile, #outbreaksofSchadenfreude would make a great Dinglish hashtag.

ae more than 8 years ago

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