Seymour Gris: An Autobahn through Friedrichshain?



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Disaster for Kaskelkiez

The entrance near Frankfurter Allee will come up to the surface in the middle of a tranquil park and wreck the lives of all of the people who live there (plus all of the kids in the school). It will create a huge amount of traffic noise and ruin the atmosphere in Kaskelkiez which is (hopefully) soon to be designated a conservation area.

The noise will also have a huge impact on the Kiez around Ostkreuz (which the urban planners have already partially destroyed by removing the bridge and embankment between Ostkreuz and Annemirl-Bauer-Platz.)

We have to stop the lunacy before it is too late.

Richard Urwin more than 4 years ago


@Chris, thanks for your comment and correction. I am, however, skeptical on whether the Autobahn will actually relieve traffic. The area slated for the extension doesn't qualify as low population in my book, which residential neighbourhoods on either side. And the Storkower Straße exit would be built next to a school. My main point, however, is that as Berlin grows, it will inevitably have to discourage driving, so why encourage car use now with such a major road project?

Seymour Gris more than 4 years ago


While Berlin has to discourage driving, there will naturally be an increase in traffic as the city grows. If concerns for the children (Won't someone please think of the children?) are paramount, what about all the schools and parks currently affected by traffic just trying to get east and west in the inner city? There aren't any schools along skalitzerstr?

Renate might indeed disappear, but without the autobahn plan, it never would have existed in the first place or do you think that nobody would have rented a flat there?

It's expensive (however, the bund is paying for it, not the city, and it is still nowhere near the cost of public tv that we are forced to pay for) and controversial, but this is one of the issues where the greens and left party show their provincial faces. I'd still rather they run the city, but at the rate the city is growing, we are looking at up to half a million more people in the city by the time construction is finished

Helen Lovejoy more than 4 years ago

A100 extension - will not go via Frankfurter Tor

You are incorrect that the extension will go through Frankfurter Tor.

In fact it will go from Ostkruez via where Frankfurter Allee S & U-Bahn is, about one km to the east of Frankfurter Tor. You can see the correct route on this page from a100stoppen.

As the map shows, the A100 extension will follow a relatively lowly populated area of Friedrichshain and, north of of Frankfurter Allee via Storkhower Strasse, it will follow the route of an already substantial road and along where the U-Bahn line already goes.

That the road will run a km east of Frankfurter Tor makes a big difference.

People living in the most populated areas of Friedrichshain and close to Frankfurter Tor, which now see huge amounts of traffic coming north and south via Warschauer Strasse - and will see much more when the new airport is opened - will be delighted by the extension.

Chris more than 4 years ago

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