Seymour Gris: Are Germans the Americans of Europe?



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kinda provocative title that doesn't deliver much in the text... zzzz

pedro stee more than 9 years ago


Sterben sollst du für dein Glück. It's really tacky, but it's enjoyable. She's really melodramatically anti-Islam. I think she wrote it herself.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago


What's the title of the book you are writing about in your comment? Thx

Jeremy more than 9 years ago

Do you never think

...that maybe just coz we can speak English, we see America as EVEN MORE American than other non-English-speaking foreigners?

I only say this coz at the moment I'm reading one of those really tacky books where a girl in a headscarf suffers a lot (my ex used to really tease me for reading those books, he used to call them, Ich, aus dem Haus der Kopftuch-Bücher, but they're exactly the right level of German for me to actually enjoy) and in this book a Pakistani girl goes on about how she thought America was cool, then England and then Germany. And at first I kind of snorted and thought "Yeah right" like I thought she'd just written that to schleim up the Germans - she's converted to Christianity, I hate to be flippant about converts, but God, she is really schleiming up to Western society, like a prefect making a teacher a cup of tea - but then I thought about it and I DON'T KNOW what it's like to come from Pakistan or wherever. Maybe Germany is more important than we think it is.

I mean, America's America. But maybe it's like America's Coca-Cola and Germany's like Fritz-Cola. Or Club Cola. Not even remotely in the same league, but still, actually in a league of some kind. I know it's hard for me to imagine. All we knew about Germany when I was growing up was that they'd lost the war and done the Holocaust.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

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