Seymour Gris: Avoiding death on your bike



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Why do riders assume car doors won't open?

There will always be a driver or backseat passenger who doesn't know better. The door-length space extending out from all parked cars is a no-ride-zone. Period.

Speaking of bar-cycling, I was riding a short distance home one night when I got stopped for not having lights on my bike. They were in my jacket pockets, I was just too lazy to clip them on. So I clipped them on then the officer said, "Now vat about ze beer in your hand?" I was like, "Oh, so so sorry!" I guess I had a bottle of beer in my hand. I placed it carefully on the pavement. The officer let me off with a warning, literally: "Be careful, you are vewy trunk!" I waited for the car to drive off, picked the bottle back up and rode on home. I think my tourist visa was long expired, too.


But of course 90% of cyclists in berlin should be shot. Riding on the sidewalk and then getting pissy when pedestrians don't dash for the shrubs is unconscionable. On numerous occasions, as a pedestrian, I've been *this* close to tipping one of those nincomshits, not in the monetary sense. If you can't handle riding in the road then get off your bike. You are not qualified.

Cyclist more than 8 years ago

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