Seymour Gris: Bastard German



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Fvck Lucky

This sounds a lot like a cvlt

Ryan Fvcking Balmer more than 5 years ago

Lost in translation

This idea that Germans have that anything English is automatically cool is just as stupid as the idea that non-Germans have that anything that is German is automatically Nazi. And it's just as hard for us to tolerate. It's hard to understand why a German would say "family" instead of "Familie" but it is impossible TO understand when a German says "Basecap" (and means baseball cap), "pissed" (and does not mean drunk but rather pissed OFF, i.e. annoyed) or "cricket" (referring to croquet, boules, or any other sport other than cricket). And when the F-word gets used in the workplace, things have gone too far. "It's not that bad, you hear it in movies," they say! Please just fucking stop.

Fuck more than 5 years ago


WOW - dear Seymour Gris, many thanks for spreading our message on this beautiful blog. We feel flattered that we are on your radar, that you read us and that you share our most precious Montags Mantra here. I hope this way it reaches even more people even though it's in denglish.

I think that there is only one universal language that is understood by everyone and that is love. No matter if you speak it out in english, spanisch or denglish.

Sat Nam, Om Shanti, peace out, Frieden beginnt in mir (-> see how uncool this sounds in german!?!?).

Love, the Fvck Lucky's

Fvck Lucky Go Happy more than 5 years ago


You need to work on your apostrophes.

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago

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