Seymour Gris: Bike helmet or no bike helmet?



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No helmet law

While I don't agree with passing a law requiring helmets. Riding in Berlin is dangerous. I've been in a few accidents, bumping my head hard on the concrete once trying a ninja roll off the bike. Now I wear one to be a good example for my daughter. If its smarter, the more evolved can figure it out for themselves

MS more than 8 years ago


I have cycled around London for over 10 years. During this time I wore helmet for the majority. I know the cycling infrastructure is significantly different and at times theoretically safer in Berlin, but actually, in accidents involving moving transit its alot down to drivers. A driver who sees a cyclist wearing a helmet is much more likely to take risks around them, which in turn increases their risk of incident. So its somewhat a catch 22. Wear a helmet and feel safer, be safer but have increased probability of incident, or dont wear one, be vulnerable but have a lower probability of incident. Imho: wear one, in serious accidents they do practically nothing, but its the non deadly incidents which one should be ready for.

Rob Buchan more than 8 years ago


...doesn't want a Tempolimit on the autobahn either. He's such a mad bastard. He's all like, "You snooze, you loose baby."

Benjamin Knight more than 8 years ago

"snooze, you loose"

Nice one, ben

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

No Pflicht!

Forcing all cyclists to wear helmets is a terrible idea, but seriously, everyone, just get one of your own volition. I was sceptical before I got mine but now, several years later, I don't even notice it, not even when schlepping the bloody thing around in crowds - if it's too much trouble, just lock it to your bike. You need to wear it even when popping to Kaisers - familiarity breeds contempt. I've had a couple of bashes and they were all on short trips that I make all the time, and thanks to my helmet no lasting damage was suffered.

Stephen more than 8 years ago

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