Seymour Gris: BVG price hike, Neukölln gentri-news, dead animal worship



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Yeah I know, and I've got used to loads of things that are better here...the Spielplatzes and being able to buy beer whenever you want etc etc. But I'll never get used to the BVG. It just comes so fucking quick, and it's so clean, and it's so cheap.

I voted Piraten last summer, partly coz I was in favour of making the BVG free, I just think it would be quite practical to make it free due to junkies etc....and ridiculous to put people in jail etc etc. BUT if they really don't think they can then they should make it free for all kids under 18, at least, maybe even under 19. I mean, you get Kindergeld here until you're 25, FFS

Jacinta Nandi more than 9 years ago


Yeah, but "at least it's cheaper/better than London" isn't an excuse... Berlin should aim a little higher.

Maurice T Frank more than 9 years ago


It's already 2,40 isn't it? Or is it 2,30? I coulda sworn it was 2,40, but I always buy a Monatskarte and a Einzelfahrschein for Rico so I just stare blindly at the screen until the Ermäßigungstarif comes up.

I think the BVG is really good, you know? Coz I come from London. So I think it's really good and cheap and efficient and clean and wonderful. And I don't really think it needs to be cheaper. BUT I think it's tough having a Vertrauenskasse on Junkies and mentals and that. I think the controlleurs should be trained social workers who just leave the Junkies and mentals alone. ALSO I think it should definitely be free for all kids under eighteen in full-time education. AND I am against the Trinkverbot. I would've loved to have inteviewed the head of the BVG. I would've argued with her for hours about the Einzelfahrschein/no round trips way. I reckon I would've made her see sense in the end.

Jacinta more than 9 years ago

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