Seymour Gris: E-cars are not the answer



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Research mistakes

Nice one. But don't spread rumours like the U5 shut down. It has nothing to do with Formula E but is caused by a construction site in the tunnel. Anyway why should an U-Bahn be closed for a car race? By the way Formula E cars are charged emission free by a glycerine burning generator...

Uli more than 5 years ago


Looking forward to biking past bumper-to-bumper traffic jams of electric cars. Just the whole concept of "car" is stupid in a city.

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago

Collecting the energy

By all means accelerate car sharing to reduce congestion and pollution. Use bikes, walk, all good. But electric cars are a major win in building an (environmentally) sustainable future. As I said the electric car is not the issue.

How the energy to power the car is won and stored is the real challenge. Getting solar panels and most importantly batteries for energy storage into all houses (including apartment buildings) so that there is sufficient power not just during the daytime but also overnight is the real challenge.

The sun showers us with 10,000 x the energy we need everyday. It's free and has zero emissions. Collecting that energy -- that's our real challenge.

Mark P more than 5 years ago

@ Mark P

Sure, points taken. I still believe that electric cars, as they are produced and used today, simply shift the pollution and damage to somewhere else where we can't see it. If the rest of the world drives cars (electric or otherwise) as much as we do in Europe and North America, the level of resource depletion will spell the end of human civilisation. Of course, electric cars are better than petrol or diesel powered ones...but how about no cars at all? Why not strive for truly seamless public transport and not the outdated post-war concept of a car or two for every household?

Maurice T Frank more than 5 years ago

Sometimes an article should actually be based on facts

Have you considered a career at Volkswagen? There are literally no sane arguments against electric cars and to claim they are pseudo-clean is mind boggling. Why don't you suck on a regular exhaust from an diesel while I try the same on an electric car ... wait electric cars don't have exhausts. (Go figure)

Norway has zero coal powered electricity plants. Does that mean that an electric car is better for the environment if it's driving in Norway than in Germany? Of course not! In Germany, today, you will find people who power there entire electric cars charge via their home solar system. They are of course in the minority because the cost of the vehicles still have to come down and most people can't easily add power in there garage (or have a garage) but it's only a matter of time before recharging can be easily done in any public garage or on the street.

Yes, it's a shitty idea to have coal powered plants. Yes we should shut them down but that's not the fault (nor a causal relationship to an electric car. If you want to vent your anger complain to the government that they are still running coal plants.

And yes electric cars are powered by batteries. But guess what electric cars have less pieces of equipment that have to be manufactured (less equipment = less polution in making things), are much more energy efficient at powering the vehice, and manufacturers like Tesla are working on a high grade of recycling those components. Here is a blog post on that subject:

These kinds of arguments really piss me off because they serve as arguments for the car industry that is poising more people than the tobacco industry and to delay a change that is going to happen regardless. If you like the environment don't let anyone convince you that the status quo of a Diesel or "Benziner" are somehow a better choice than an electric car.

Mark P more than 5 years ago

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