Seymour Gris: Google vs. Germany



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Let's watch these publishers shoot themselves in the foot

I'm not going to argue that Google is some sort of altruistic angel, but I think the publishers gunning for this bill are in for a rude awakening. I would assume that Google drives a large percentage of the traffic that these sites get. Why wouldn't Google simply stop indexing sites owned by these publishers who demand payment? (Unless the law would force Google to index the sites AND pay them - which sounds a bit... sketchy.)

I'm also a bit skeptical that Google News is a huge revenue driver for Google. Are there ads on I'm not seeing them. What I do see is pretty much akin to standard google search results - a sentence or two and a big link to the source. Should Google pay the owner of every piece of content that they show in their results? Where do you draw the line?

Google is already providing a substantial amount of value to content publishers. To me, this reeks of greed on the publishers' side. Luckily, they can hide behind the populist sentiment that Google is stealing from the little guy, seeing as how they are "one of the world's most powerful media conglomerates" and all.

Keith Corwin more than 8 years ago


That's called citation - an accepted journalistic practice. Not comparable to a robot lifting zillions of sentences from everywhere.

Maurice T Frank more than 8 years ago

Looking forward to Seymour Gris...

paying a sum every time he mentions someone else's work in one of his blog posts.

Self-Published more than 8 years ago

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