Seymour Gris: In love with the cold




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global warming

as appropriate as this was but 6 years ago, it feels wrong to rehash it. the last 5 years haven't seen snow or really any kind of cold weather worth mentioning.
its just a reminder that Berlin now has the dull, drab Winter the author reminisces about while staying in Barcelona.
We basically have a long fall season that moves right in to spring.

look at me, complaining about the lack of cold.

just another reminder of how crappy 2020 is and was. not even proper cold, and deffo no snow.

hashtag sadface

dont rehash old news more than 1 year ago

erm, no.

Complaining about the weather is a human phenomenon, so not sure how it's peculiar to Berlin. I agree with you that people should STFU, but they should do it on a global scale... Or move... or refer to point 1.

Stuart Jones more than 6 years ago


As an expat from Buffalo, New York, I have to say it is freakishly cold here in Berlin. But again, that does make it kind of beautiful. Just like meeting only other expats and neglecting to learn German, I feel like skipping out on the cold months would make it impossible to really get to know the city. Plus, no one on earth does the Christmas season like Germans. more than 6 years ago

Yes, yes...

... winter in Berlin is not for pussies. I guess the day you smile at the thermometer saying it's -20°C you can call yourself a Berliner ;)

Jules more than 6 years ago

Not just expats

I assure you Germans are also complaining about the cold. People complain about the cold because it is unpleasant, it isn't really so surprising.

Ben more than 6 years ago


Hear, hear!

Zugezogene more than 6 years ago


Thank you, Seymour! Now if they would really all shut up ...

Änne more than 6 years ago

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