Seymour Gris: Mauerpark luxury flats?




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Frankie Frankie

Thanks for the comment. There is an element of nimbyism, sure. I am not against building at all, though. I am all in favour of building more housing. I am against poorly conceived development. The architecture of the Groth plan truly is crap and is typical of the disastrous building that Berlin has seen in the past 15 years: unimaginative beige blocks. How is this possible in a city so proud of its supposed innovation and yes, "creativity". "Creative" and "authentic" and "alternative" are annoying empty buzzwords that I never want to hear again, but it's what I and a lot of people love about this city. And there's also a conviction that SOMETHING ELSE, something less ugly, less exclusive than the Groth plan must be possible.

Seymour Gris more than 6 years ago

Build baby, build

Good grief, in what other city on the planet would this be controversial. Just goes to show the neidisch, nimbyish, bitter conservatism of the left. Everyone has "Anspruch" to live "mitten im Kiez", right? Preferably within a stone's throw of at least 10 Bioläden, matcha cafés and tattoo shops... Yet somehow, at the same time, no new apartments should be built to mitigate Berlin's apparent Wohnungsnot... At least none that cast SCARY SHADOWS....

This is just a another piece of brainless hackery from the "I came to Berlin when it was still cool" genre, one that Exberliner seems to specialise in. The (not so) hidden message is that anyone is welcome in Berlin, just as long as they fit Seymour's very narrow definition of "creative", "alternative" and "authentic". Apparently that excludes anyone willing or able to pay 13,50€ per square metre, some arbitrary battle line that has been drawn by the makers of this film.

Frankie more than 6 years ago

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