Seymour Gris: Just say nein to the Berlympics!



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Point 1 - the website writes that extra jobs will come to Berlin, not that the people in work will get some extra cash. Point 2 - a deadline concentrates the mind, which for Berlin would be no bad thing.

Andrew Smith more than 6 years ago

berlympics: Just say doch!

Dear Andrew, you´re right! And there is another one: Point 6: How can you oppose against the visit of "clueless Brazilians and Russians and Americans and Japanese" in an english Berlin-Magazine, which readers are mostly also "clueless foreigners" and not native Berliners?
Do you really want to close Berlin down for people like the readers of ExBerliner?

Alexander Wolf more than 6 years ago


Yes, all these foreign tourists spending their money and securing jobs. It's just plain wrong!

Andrew Smith more than 6 years ago

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