Seymour Gris: Too much English in Berlin, Herr Spahn?



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German speaking waiters

Simple let the Germans do the waiting at the tables and let international people hold jobs important globally.

Ted more than 3 years ago

Max, Max, Max....

Are you not a bit confused ...

It was us who allowed you to have this little piece of land after WW2 so that you also have somewhere to belong :)

So be nice ... or we will take it back.

Jon more than 3 years ago

Max is correct

How would you feel if someone from, say, Mexico came to the US and lived there without learning English?
Point being, foreigners living in Germany or Austria are obliged to learn German the same way foreigners living in America or Britain are obliged to learn English.
Just because America "saved" Europe over 70 years ago doesn't mean today's Europeans have to grovel to today's Americans.

Josep more than 3 years ago

Very Simple

Learn the German language or get the frak outta here. It's as simple as that when you want to live in my home country. As simple as that.
And no, you have absolutely no vote at all over this, as you are "only" a guest in my home country.

Max more than 4 years ago

As if

Germany isn't your country anymore than it is mine, little one... Anyway after reading these comments, I think I definitely won't study German. It's an ugly language (as we all know) and there's really no real need in Berlin.

Cc more than 1 year ago

Max isn't wrong

Try visiting Mexico with nary a word of Spanish, or Russia with nary a word of Russian. It's not that difficult to understand.

The notion of German being an "ugly language" is from Anglo-American war movies. In other words, Allied propaganda.

Also, I don't think it'll help your case if you refer to those you disagree with as "little one". I mean, it's your decision not to learn German, but still.

Digby more than 1 year ago

Lazy expats

I don't agree with Spahns' underwear comment (a solution here would be private shower cabins), but I don't think his comments about English are extreme at all. Obviously if you are a tourist or in Berlin for a short stay (e.g. less than 6 months), it cannot be expected that you learn German. However, if you have been living permanently in Berlin for years I cannot understand how it has not been possible to learn German in that time. This is especially true of the numerous number of expats married to Germans, who are often unable to have a conversation with their spouse's own family! The whole world is expected to learn English and many of them do a good job at it. Yet only Anglo Saxons fail to gain fluency in foreign languages - and no you can't "speak a bit of French". I worked hard learning German and was fluent in 6 months (I had the advantage of being able to learn the whole day in a language school - I recognize people working full-time don't have the same amount of time available) and after that I was spending most of my time with Germans and fully integrated into society. Yet I think I still needed around 5 years to fully begin to understand the culture and mentality here; through daily interactions, German novels, films, media, etc. Those who don’t bother to learn German will never gain this insight.

RYAN KING more than 4 years ago


There's no reason for a waiter to not speak German in the German capital . That's not really asking a lot.

Arturo A Costantino more than 4 years ago

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