Seymour Gris: Racism at Berlin clubs?




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Crystal clear racism

I am an international student in UK was on a vacation in berlin, and decided to visit Matrix Club, Berlin, Germany. After being queued up and not at all drunk when door security asked for ID’s and where presented, he asked how many people you are? In reply we said 5, he replied, nah there’s to many Indians already inside, now this maintaining diversity in crowd are just blanket term of RACISM it is just a method of discrimination. It is being encouraged by people who are not affecting by it by accepting it. Germans eradicate NAZI saying communalism is devastating but infact under communalism, fascism and discrimination against a particular race is the only issue. It is a topic worth giving a thought. Think about it

PK more than 2 years ago

very clear racism in whole germany

i am an international student in hamburg , and i can just confirm that i have experienced racism and discrimination not just in hamburg but in all major cities in germany. the bouncers really look at your hair color , if it is black you will not get in ! that a really big problem. wehen i go for example to amsterdam, barcelona , copenhagen,.... i never expericence something like that , i get in every where and even in luxurious clubs. i know a lot of other foreigner students who can confirm that , but the problem ist that the politicians are just ignoring those things wich is not good for germany !!!

mido more than 7 years ago

racism at its peak

I had similar experience in Matrix club yesterday. Funny enough, he told to my face that today was not for people of my kind!! what is my kind? Black!!! My issue is not being refused but with those who refuse you. these bouncers mostly are nonentities who live far below my standard. In fact I am better than most of them. that is what hurts me

trextor more than 8 years ago

unexpected Racism

In our first visit to berlin we heard about the night clubs and wanted to try it !! But we couldn't because we are from arabic country .. We tried watergate and matrix .. The bouncer in both clubs were so rude and they kick us out with out any reason.. I thought german people are friendly .. But unfortunatly not .. Iam so disappointed !!

mashari more than 8 years ago

Anti American clubs as well

I was turned away once a few years ago from an "exclusive" club mostly because I was American. The bouncer claimed it was a private party and made snide remarks about GW Bush (as if I voted for the guy). I returned with German royalty later that evening as their guest and sat all night in the VIP lounge. Seeing the bouncer's face again as I walked up with them was priceless!

USA more than 8 years ago


This is short and to the point - I was turned away from the door at Farbfernseher (seitenstrasse) and harassed by someone who claimed to be the "owner" of this place. There were a group of people who just stood by and watched this happen, this after I opened the door for the man. I am a college educated, highly qualified woman who has no experience of being treated like trash because of the color of her skin, I love germany and have been here for a year now, but today I was ashamed to be here and sickened by what shame people can bring to their own community. Shameful. I am looking for ways to report this, so if there are suggestions let me know, thank you.

Amy more than 9 years ago


I am a 19 years old student i dont really drink alchohol from an arabian orgins i just pay enterance fee and buy cola i never tried in berlin but i did try in hamburg and most clubs turn me down before i get to the door i wear good clothes and i shave my face so i would not seem so arab according to them but a lot do not let me in i never tried in berlin but from what i am hearing it is the same everywhere in germany ... even if we are with girls sometimes they let the girls in but they say no to us and at the end we all have to leave

clubbing more than 9 years ago

Racism starts

On the article mentioned Fritz club was known as one of few non-racists but from end of october this club started to kick out EVERY SINGLE NON GERMANS and even NON WHITE GERMANS from its entrance. Animals

SJ more than 10 years ago


The Bouncer was Turkish as well lol, so I dont htink it is

Coll more than 10 years ago


I was turned away at Tube Club, on a thursday night, I was smartly dressed and hadnt a drop of alcohol to drink. I was behind 4 ppl, and the bouncers just pointed at me before I even got to the front.

Coll more than 10 years ago


Infact is a everyday life occurance for foreigners in Germany more worse of you are Black.Read a book called Safari Partner and see more of this In Germany a foreigner is anybody who is not Blond and White .Anybody who is not the above is daily asked"where do you come from?"because stil to many Germans nationality is determined by colour and not citizenship.

Muvanya Terri-Wischman more than 11 years ago


"... a black girl at Berghain."

At least at Berghain's door, this is just a coincidence. I don't know much about the other clubs (Matrix, Arena ...) but at Berghain the color of your skin is not an issue at all. They have different selection criteria. As a matter of fact, at Berghain's dancefloor you will meet at least some black and asian people every weekend.

"All the other people had no trouble getting in. They were white."

Not at Berghain. They really reject a lot of people - sometimes almost 50 percent of those who wait in the line - and most of them are white, too ;)

Herman the German more than 11 years ago


Thomas is right. We're just not cool enough. I remember when I was 16 and I was the only one of my friends not to be allowed in a pub (I am approx 5 foot) and I had to walk home through Ilford and my mum goes oh, it's probably racism. It was a bit comforting. There's nothing cooler than being racially discriminated against.

You got to have a heart of stone not to laugh when he goes: "What's it like in there?" though. It's better than when Hitler finds out they forgot to put MDMA on his pizza

Jacinta Again more than 11 years ago

Is more about...

If wrong gender, wrong clothes, wrong color, wrong attitude...that has nothing to do with racism. Each club should be allowed to have a door policy...the opportunity to choose his own audience.

All you people rejected (there was a reason for) stop whining, accepts it and look for another location.

To the video: a frustrated 'it-man', which use a lot of 'fuck' in his monologue and phrases like 'if you dont need my money...'. i had to smile about this young man and not because he is funny. Hopefully i will never meet him on one of this nice parties...and I'm sure, just because of the bouncers.

Thomas more than 11 years ago

racism in berlin jobs market

hi everyone! i didn't have problems getting into a clubs, but many times i experienced racism in berlin jobs market...

Alexandra Zaltsman more than 11 years ago

Not used to black people in Berlin?

I lived in Berlin for about a year. Once, a big group of friends from work (like 30 people) came over from Amsterdam. Of course they wanted to party and they split up in different groups. The next day I heard two people did not get in. A black guy was denied entrance at Arena Club and a black girl at Berghain. All the other people had no trouble getting in. They were white. Of course this could be just a coincidence, but there was nothing wrong with the way they were dressed or anything, so I have my doubts.

JS more than 11 years ago

all that can be said

Jacinta more than 11 years ago


I went to Kitkat with a Palestinian boy and they weren't gonna let me in. They said: "We don't let English people in, they give us hassle, they're too uptight." The Palestinian lad persuaded them to let me in coz I wasn't typically English. As soon as we got in the Palestinian went off to a mattress in a cage in the corner and started getting a BJ off of some skinhead and I realized how typically English I was. But I couldn't leave, coz I thought the doormen would jeer at me. So I tried hiding in the toilets but everyone kept on asking me for a threesome.

They also nearly didn't let me into LSD.

But even though I think this is shit etc, it's not only racist, it's also snobby/mega-cool. My little sister is a tiny little blonde girl, and they didn't let her into Berghain. I felt rotten about it all weekend.

Jacinta more than 11 years ago

Experienced racism at Berlin clubs?

Couple weeks ago I visited Berlin and als had this experience. I understand that clubs don't want to many tourist inside the club. But it felt really like we were "like shit" or "not good enough" to enter. While local people just entered the club before us and after us. Anyway I had a great weekend but I think this issue needs attention. There is a difference between a door policy and racism.

anonymous more than 11 years ago

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